Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inviting cordial of the week: Patron XO Cafe

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I have a real problem with this stuff. The problem is, I can't get enough of it!

Patron XO Cafe is a premium coffee cordial made with Patron Silver tequila. I don't know what kind of coffee they use, but regardless, it kicks Kahlua's butt! XO Cafe is rich and sweet with the best coffee flavor I've ever tasted in a coffee liqueur. At 35%, this packs a little more punch than your average coffee cordial but the alcohol is completely in balance with the sweet coffee goodness.

I have come across a few die-hard Kahlua drinkers who think it's too strong, but most people I pour a sip for love it. For that matter, most buy a bottle immediately after they taste this little luxury.

Speaking of luxury, you probably assume that like most Patron products, it's not cheap. Happily, it's one of the least expensive items in their profile. With Patron's tequila's ranging from $50 to $60 per fifth (excluding the pricy Patron Platinum of course), XO Cafe weighs in at a paltry $23-25. And pint's are available for a measly $14.

Many bars and restaurants now serve XO and bartenders are discovering it's mixability. Though it's perfect straight or on the rocks, it's delicious mixed with Baileys (which I call an Irish Mexican) or with half and half. However, it's not so good in coffee. It just tastes like you just put tequila in your coffee. Not exciting. But pour it over chocolate, vanilla or coffee ice cream and prepare to melt. YUM! I have not gotten to play much with the mixology of this lovely liqueur but I'm sure there are a million other concoctions to come up with. If you discover a delicious drink made with XO, drop the recipe in my comments.
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